Free Virtual Staging for Your Real Estate Listings using Adobe Firefly

Virtual staging is a powerful tool in the real estate industry, allowing agents and sellers to showcase properties in their best light without the need for physical staging. Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool, offers a feature called Generative Fill that can be used for virtual staging. Here’s how you can use Adobe Firefly’s Generative…

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a home staging process where a graphic editor is used to create a simulated, typically photorealistic interior design in a living space. It’s often a more cost-effective, lower-touch, remote alternative to conventional staging for real estate professionals, photographers, and interior decorators.

What is Adobe Firefly?

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI tool that uses simple text prompts to create high-quality output, including images, text effects, and color palettes. One of its features, Generative Fill, allows users to add or remove objects in a photo.

Benefits of Virtual Staging with Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly offers several benefits for virtual staging in real estate listings:

  • High-quality images from text prompts
    With generative AI, you can create high-quality images from simple text prompts in over 100 languages. Just use your own words to describe the desired interior design and see it come to life in minutes. This is much easier and faster than other software that may require you to manually select and place furniture items from a limited catalog or use complex graphic design programs.
  • Commercially safe content
    Adobe Firefly is designed to be commercially safe by training on content from Adobe Stock, openly licensed content, and public domain content. You can use the images generated by Firefly for your marketing and sales purposes without worrying about copyright infringement.
  • More than virtual staging
    You can also use AI to generate text effects, color variations, 3D elements, and more. You can also edit and personalize your images in other Adobe Creative Cloud tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. This gives you more creative options and flexibility.
  • Different plans to suit your needs and budget
    There are different plans to suit your needs and budget. You can get started with the free plan that gives you 25 monthly generative credits, or upgrade to the premium plan that gives you 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts Free, and no watermarks on your images. Generative credits are also included in many other Adobe Creative Cloud plans. This gives you more value and convenience compared to other software that may have higher or fixed prices or limited features for their plans.

How to Use Adobe Firefly for Virtual Staging

Step 1: Prepare Your Photos

The first step in virtual staging is to take high-quality photos of the property. For example, if you’re staging a living room, you might take photos from different angles to capture the entire space. Make sure the photos are well-lit and clear, as these will be the base for your virtual staging.

Step 2: Choose Your Service

Next, navigate to the Adobe Firefly web app. Here, you’ll find several features, but for virtual staging, you’ll want to select the Generative Fill feature. This feature is designed to add or remove objects in an image, making it perfect for adding furniture or decor to your property photos.

Step 3: Upload Your Photos

Once you’ve selected the Generative Fill feature, it’s time to upload your property photos. For instance, if you’re staging a living room, you might upload a photo of the empty room. Alternatively, you can choose a sample asset from the Firefly gallery to practice before working on your own photos.

Step 4: Select the Area

After uploading your photo, use the selection tools in Adobe Firefly to select the area where you want to add or remove objects. For example, if you want to add a couch to an empty living room, you might select the area where the couch should go.

Step 5: Write a Prompt

In the text-entry prompt box, write a description of the object or scene you want to generate. For instance, if you’re adding a couch to the living room, you might write “white modern couch in a living room”. If you leave the description blank, Firefly will fill in the selection based on the surroundings, which might not always match your vision.

Step 6: Generate

Click the Generate button to create your staged image. Adobe Firefly will provide thumbnail previews of variations based on your prompt. For example, if your prompt was “white modern couch in a living room”, you might see thumbnails of different modern couches in various colors and styles. Choose the one that best fits your vision for the space.

Step 7: Edit

If you’re not completely satisfied with the generated images, you can generate more options by clicking Generate again. You can also fine-tune your results by editing your prompt. For instance, if the modern couches generated don’t quite fit your vision, you might edit your prompt to “mid-century modern couch in a living room” to get different results.

Adobe Firefly Pricing

Adobe Firefly offers two plans:

  1. Free Plan: This plan includes 25 monthly generative credits and costs $0.00 per month.
  2. Premium Plan: This plan includes 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts Free, and no watermarks on images generated by Firefly.

Generative credits are like tokens that enable subscribers to turn a text-based prompt into image and vector content in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Express, and Firefly. After the plan-specific number of “fast” Generative Credits is consumed, subscribers can continue to generate content at slower speeds, or buy additional Generative Credits through a Firefly paid subscription plan. Starting November 2023, Adobe plans for users to be able to purchase additional Generative Credits through a new subscription plan, starting at $4.99/month for 100 Credits.

If you have the full Creative Cloud subscription, which gets you access to all of Adobe’s software for $55 per month, you can produce up to 1,000 creations a month.

Please note that the pricing information is current as of the time writing this article and may have changed. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please visit the official Adobe Firefly website.