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Use RealtyVis to embed customizable Canadian MLS® searches into your REALTOR® website.  
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RealtyVis is delivering MLS® listings to these leading brokerages

Embeddable solutions with complete control

Instantly add MLS® searches to your REALTOR® website and launch faster.

Customize the user experience with pre-designed blocks to deliver relevant real estate information to your clients.

Create interactive searches that visitors enjoy using

RealtyVis is an embedded application that instantly transforms your REALTOR® website with real estate search functionality.

The Search Experience that Matches Your Brand

Create the branded MLS search using our design options.


Choose the font family and size to match your website's typography


Create a seamless experience using the selection of colour themes.


Enhance usability and user experience with styled buttons.

Compatible with Any Page Builder

Simply embed into your existing website to build a rich, dynamic customer experience.

Connect Your Marketing Funnel

Sync with external services to create targetted email communication and lead tracking, or integrate with Zapier to automate marketing workflows.

Container-Based Responsive Design

All RealtyVis blocks are designed and developed to be responsive components. What this means is that they will look great whether it's occupies one corner of your page or the entire layout.

Multilingual Translations

Display MLS® listings in the language that matches your target website and audience preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of using components vs. all-in-one solutions?

    The main benefit of using components is that it can be added to an existing website to perform specific functionalities. Unlike components, typical full solutions don’t offer plugin capability to extend functionalities.

  • How does RealtyVis help to speed up your real estate website?

    RealtyVis leverages its powerful cloud servers and database, which are optimized for fast and easy search and filter operations, and do not affect your website hosting. This can boost your site’s speed and SEO, as property searches are handled by RealtyVis’s servers instead of burdening your website’s servers.

  • Which themes and plugins can I use with RealtyVis?

    RealtyVis gives you the creative freedom to customize your website with any themes and plugins you desire. Don’t settle for solutions that limit your creativity and flexibility with one vendor and/or few theme choices. RealtyVis works seamlessly with any of the leading website platforms and any themes you love, including:

    • Wordpress
    • Squarespace
    • Wix
    • Webflow
    • Tilda
    • Duda
    • or any plain HTML page